The Story of Our New Development

Spill Lands has undergone a HUGE transformation over the past few weeks. It’s been exciting, chaotic, messy, stressful, and certainly educational.

 The landscape has changed dramatically, and some might argue it has been chaos and destruction. Many rotten, storm damaged trees have been removed along with neglected hedges. However, the breathtakingly beautiful scenery of the surrounding landscape is so much more evident now. The rolling hills of the Garden of England are simply stunning, and the remaining healthy trees now have room to thrive and spread. Nature will carry on as it always has.

Development often causes a heated discussion, particularly with the Landowners, Farmers and Councils. It’s a never-ending debate. Progression or destruction?

Since the mania of the bulldozers and diggers swept in a few weeks ago, a calmer, relaxed and restored park has emerged. The sound of the surrounding sheep and cows, (and the donkey) are all that is heard now. The developers are still on site, but they work with an arguably quiet efficiency and seem to have won the Owners over, as cups of tea and cold drinks are taken out regularly for them!

Spectacular new units are arriving regularly and watching the strict order the contractors follow to get the homes looking beautiful and well-presented has sometimes been amusing and at times quite emotional. Pity any contractor who goes out of turn, and particularly feel for the contractor at the wrath of the cleaners should they dirty anything!

The development is taking shape, and oddly, looking extraordinarily beautiful despite the mess around it. The views are just magnificent.

The community, the camaraderie and the humour at Spill Lands brings such a warm feeling and as described in that wonderful song by Sinead O’Conner,

‘Nothing Compares to You’