A clue to the benefits of a 12 month leisure park is subtly hidden in the title. While most caravan sites will close for around two months a year during the off season, these leisure parks remain open for the duration.

This brings with it a few obvious advantages. The first advantage is the ability to take a holiday in your luxury lodge whenever you wish, instead of being limited by the closed season of your leisure park.

When you have paid for your lodge and annual site fees – it can be frustrating to then be told that your lodge will be off limits to you at certain times of year, even if those are winter months.
The majority of UK holiday parks have a close season from 1 – 4 months over the winter as they are generally very quiet. This also allows them to complete major maintenance tasks and allows the park to regenerate.

While most holiday parks will allow you access to your unit during the close season, they will not allow you to remain overnight or to use any of the facilities onsite (which will be shut); purchasing a luxury lodge on a park with a full 12 month season ensures that this is not an issue, as the park will remain in full operation.

So, whenever you decide take an impromptu trip to your luxury lodge, with a good weather forecast – you can, with no restrictions on overnight stays or use of facilities.

Getting as much use out of your lodge as you can is vital to getting good value for money from your investment in ownership. Having 12-month access to your lodge makes this easier. While winter is often associated with squally weather and grim conditions, those occasional crystal-clear days when the air is sharp and crisp can make winter one of the most rewarding times of year to get away.

Easy winterisation of your lodge is another, less obvious, benefit of a 12 month season at a leisure park. Winterisation relates to the preparations a lodge owner must make before they leave their lodge unattended for an extended period of time over the winter when the park is closed.

If your leisure park is open throughout the winter, the time your lodge needs to be left unattended is reduced. A year-long season enables you to check on and use your lodge from time to time, running the heating and the water and minimise the damage caused by the cold winter weather.

Under UK law, citizens residing in the UK must be registered to pay council tax somewhere. Most reputable holiday parks will need to check you can provide proof of another permanent address.